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“Total Freedom – Truth!”

If we are looking for total freedom in our lives, we must move towards freeing ourselves from an enslavement mentality in all aspects of our lives; whether you are African American, Caucasian American, Native American, Asian American or Latino American. In our search for total freedom, we must seek out Truth.

We must see freedom through the eyes of justice, balance, integrity, forthright, compassion, soul searching and etcetera; these are the pathways in finding Truth. Truth is the hidden element in today's society, but yet stares us in the face. Sometimes the taste of Truth is quite bitter, but healing to the soul, mind, communities and our whole environment. Truth does not carry an agenda; it is absolute; encompassing all life. We cannot run from Truth because it lives in all of us; we have to be willing to receive Truth and not fight against it.

Some people will come into our lives and promise a temporary fix in the disguise of truth offering false security. These people have sold their souls into the shadows of ignorance with the intent to control the masses. They desire to drive the people into blind, dependent ignorance far from the independence of true freedom.

We must say to all these deceivers who call themselves modern-day liberators to liberate themselves from their imprisonment of hate and ignorance. It is you hypocrites who spread your lies and hate. You have become entangled in your mesh of lies, perpetual enslavement and hypocrisy.

By the Grace of God, we have been given strength in our darkest hours. Truth reveals itself it exposing the intentions of those who want to take our freedom by chaos and evil intent.

“When we are in alignment, we will synchronize; Truth will be the spoken language for humankind.” – FCSH

Francine C. Still Hicks

©2020 All Rights Reserved

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