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“Stepping Into the New”

As we step into a new day, we hope everything we have planned for comes to fruition. We start our day fully rested in mind and body. We look forward to carrying out our plans for the day with ease and joy. We have a song in our hearts – taking another step into fulfilling our dreams. We begin our daily routine as usual; all is going well. Although all is going well, something in the back of our minds and subconscious lingers a thought of questioning the moment we are experiencing; “Will this last throughout the day?” 

As this thought comes, so does a new experience. An unexpected experience arises, an experience not so pleasant. Do we allow this experience to change our steps towards fulfilling our goals, or do we fold with the unexpected experience? No, we take it on as a warrior of victory! We move forward with the determination, “Nothing will discourage me from the goals I seek to accomplish for this day!” You find the courage to conquer the unpleasant experience and find empowerment from within yourself. You rise in the moment of un-expectancy and find a way to bring victory! Being grateful and focusing on what we do have is the beginning of the path towards victory.

Is it easy to relinquish your unpleasant experience sometimes? Sometimes it’s not so easy. Each unpleasant experience that comes our way may come with a different degree of discomfort, and you will address it accordingly. Nothing can stand in your way when you have the correct mindset! How we perceive a situation as a learning experience, or we can perceive it as a defeat. Once we address the challenge positively, we will move forward to the completion of our beautiful day with grace and thankfulness for an opportunity to go to another level in life’s experiences! You will make it through the unpleasant experience; don’t give up!

As a new year approaches 2024, we will take the same attitude and actions towards victory in our lives! Unpleasant experiences will arise in the coming year – this is a part of growing and maturing into our faith and beliefs. We can conquer anything with love and determination in our hearts. We will overcome our unpleasant experiences for ourselves, our family and friends in service to God!

You will make it through the unpleasant experience; don’t give up!

“A New Day!”

It’s a new day, a new seed planted.  

It’s a new day, a new opportunity to grow.

It’s a new day, whether pleasant or unpleasant – it’s a new day.

The storms may come – the storms will go.

Do we take shelter in our pain to find a total collapse?

Or do we rise above the pain of the storm?

It’s a new day – will we find shelter from the rain in our faith?

Yes, we will find shelter in God’s promise through the rainbow –

the promise of a new day.

It’s a new day, a new seed planted.

It’s a new day, a new opportunity to grow.

Unpleasant moments are a part of life’s experience.

Unpleasant experiences are the lessons we learn.

In unpleasant experiences, we find our treasure.

It’s a new year, and the seed planted brings forth a new tree.

It’s a new year, and what fruits have you brought forth?

A new day is gifted.

A new year is gifted.

A new opportunity is gifted.

And God’s Grace is renewed.

The Beauty of a New Day!

by Francine C. Still Hicks ©2023 

Cover Image by Stine86Engel - Pixabay

Cover Designed by FCSH ©2023

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