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“Expansion” - Universal Expansion

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

We are in the moment of expansion.

We are in the time of expanding our mind.

As we move in the Universal Expansion – we will awaken realities that laid dormant inside of us. We will experience the pains of growth – and we will experience the beauty of the new.

During this measurement of expansion, we will see and feel the power of God’s Love moving within ourselves. We will begin to understand the patient and nurturing in the power of Universal Love inside and outside.

We will not give up on ourselves in the movement of the Universal Expansion; we will flow with life’s experiences.

As with a seed planted in the ground, it grows into a beautiful tree. And as the tree grows, it will expand bearing much fruit and foliage. What doesn’t grow to its full potential will wither and die. In our mind, soul – and spirit we must grow; we must expand into our full potential.

We are seeds in creation; take your place in the garden of the Universal Expansion.

"Grow With The Movement Of Life - Expand!"

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