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The sword removed gives us the "Theme" of our lives; we will always evolve to another aspect of ourselve. We are in constant movement; the "Theme" of our lives. - FCSH
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“What Are You Looking for Inside of You – What Are You Seeking?”

“In the subtlest experiences in our lives, you will find what you are seeking. With a lucid mind, you will see the grandest in the smallest. What you’re looking for is right before you. Be wise in your search and listen; you don’t have to go far.” – FCSH

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Our burdens arise when we need to strengthen our wisdom and willpower from within. Have faith and trust in the Creator that you can move forward in any situation that comes your way! – FCSH
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"Where you live is only a location. How you live is the road map to your destination. You create your own destiny.”– FCSH


Welcome to my website! My website is created for anyone, of any age, looking to understand their inner experiences in life. By reading and studying these pages, you will find you are not alone in your questioning who you are and why the world is the way it is. You will find that you are not as strange in your thoughts as people might say you are. You will find that you are a part of a vast universe inside and outside.  You are a part of a universe that cannot be measured by humankind’s intellect.  You will discover the “Universal Love” that is beyond human conception. You will discover the “Universe of You” in spirit within your soul.


Remember, you are never alone in your journey called Life!












"Everything must change and become anew. Everything that we do must be refreshed in life;

inside and outside. In humbleness, I will bring the message of Love, Peace, Freedom, Justice, Truth and Knowledge given through me by the Radiated Light of the Holy Spirit. I will be real; because there is no other way!" – FCSH




               "If You Do Not Master Yourself, You Will Allow   

Another Person To Master Your Destiny!"



                     Take The Journey Into You...














                                                                                                                     (Inner Self - 3D Imaging by FCSH/Google Image)          






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