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“Your Rights” (We Can Get It Right!)

Updated: May 29, 2019

Every human being on earth has a right to live out their God-given Right! Whether you choose to believe in God or not, that is your right. With this right, you were granted free will simultaneously in spirit.

You may not like some of the choices you made in life; they're called growing pains. Whether your choices were intentional or not; you acted on impulse without thinking someone else’s rights were being taken away by your actions.

You were granted free will, of the intuitive mind above the animal instinctual behavior that all primates possess in the soul. You a human being – are blessed with free will. Why do you think the enslaved people sold into slavery fought for their freedom? Why do you think a person breaks away from a dominating spouse or relationship that tries to control them? Why do you think a child becomes rebellious at the age when the generative power kicks in? This is where the power of free will must be patiently perfected in wisdom of the mind; heart in soul.

Woe unto the one who chooses to abuse their right to bring harm and pain to anyone because you say, “I have a right to voice and act out the way I choose.” You are correct in making that statement, but be ready for the consequences. Out of your careless and selfish thoughts; not weighing out the consequences, you will do more harm to yourself than other people. If you choose to lie, steal, kill, maim or any other destructive behavior – you will harm yourself. Abusing your rights, you will contribute to the demise of your mind, body and soul.

Why would anyone want to abuse their rights when so many have fought to use their rights rightfully? Since the beginning of human existence, there were those who choose to make excuses for their actions; there is none! Your right is not a handout it is a gift. If you want to live the way you choose, find your own; this is your right!

We all must find a balance when looking at another person’s choices and rights. The water might feel hot to you, to someone else the water might feel warm – and some might say cold. It’s all about the Degree of Balance; not tipping the scales.”

"Don’t Abuse Your Rights, Because You Have A Right; Think Twice!"

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