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Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Have an always spot; a place that is your central point where you go to before you rest your body for the night. A personal and private space that brings you always to your center and beginning. A place where you feel as if you never left that spot.

For thousands of years, humanity has been in the embattlement of good fighting against evil; up until today. The ‘principalities of evil’ move through the air into the heart and souls of some people on earth. Evil’s main objection is to bring chaos and division. It brings a disturbance to your soul inside of you and outside of you. To steal the peace from within you are seeking. The chaos and division will try to distract you from your life’s purpose.

This evil will first distract the individual from looking within and finding their true self, their soul’s beginnings.

In the world, as we know it, evil has possessed many of these so-called leaders in all fields of life. Whether politics, corporations, or entertainment into religions. Each one has its distractions taking you away from focusing on yourself! Overloading your mind with their perceptions of how you should please them and how you should live, so they can profit from you monetarily, time, or control your mind. These distractions carry into your quiet hours that should be for you to rejuvenate your mind, body, soul, and spirit – the kingdom of heaven within!

The media and politics of today want you to look over there and not here with their lies. They try to distract you from looking within to find the truth.

We see this distraction every day in our lives. Look at the increasing prices for our everyday products; food to feed our families, clothing, gas for transportation, educational system, etcetera. As we carry these burdens into our relaxing hours, the mind is on overdrive as we battle for peace of mind. The battle of the mind doubles down, holding onto the distractions of the day’s experiences. You are so tired at the end of the day that your body collapses from fatigue.

There is a way to rise above the chaotic distractions and look within! Love yourself enough to have an ‘always spot!’ Whatever you have gone through that day, you will look forward to your ‘always spot’ – a trysting place.

A space where you can come together with yourself and your Creator! A spot that will become and feel as if you never left that spot. Your days will begin to flow with wisdom and renewed strength. You will see the light of day through all the chaos. You will become more focused on your dreams and aspirations in life, not missing a beat! You will handle each new experience with open eyes and clarity.

“When you find peace, love, clarity, and truth within yourself, you will share these virtues and values with others.” – FCSH

by Francine C. Still Hicks

Cover Design by FCSH

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©2023All Rights Reserved

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