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“Who’s Listening? Shut the Puck Up!”

Most news media outlets have something to say – and say nothing. They are too busy trying to convince – and sway the listener to their political persuasions; leaving the facts out. The media today with a political agenda degrades anyone who does not agree with them; disregarding the truth.

I can have a small child sit in a classroom at a desk with great zeal to learn the fact that two plus two equals four. Or, have a small child sit in front of a camera having more class, honesty – and dignity; giving the truth that two plus two equals four by learning the facts.

Where is the mature adult in the newsrooms that can stand up for the facts – and not sell their souls to a political game of division? Robotically the mainstream media – and politicians mimic each other, cloning their hate – and division that spreads like wildfire; more chaos – and discord. And we the people get caught up in their quagmire of lies.

There are a few journalists that have not lost their dignity searching for truth by finding the facts. These few journalists love what they do – and have not sold their integrity to the mainstream media majority. Continue your quest in searching for the truth; you have become the rarity in journalism.

We the people turn the news on to be updated with truth – and facts; not your personal, political bias opinion. We the people are “riding the wave” every day to take care of our families – and communities; trying to live a decent life. We the people are looking for peace – and harmony after a long day of work; while fighting traffic trying to get home to our families. The last thing we the people need is to turn on the news – and get a bunch of unnecessary idiotic chaos coming out of the mouths of these people who call themselves professionals. We the people must do our fact-checking by observing our lives – and surroundings; see the truth for ourselves!

At last – and even worst are the politicians we pay through our tax dollars who sit around – and do nothing! These politicians who grandstand on a fractured, hypocritical foundation; built upon lies – and deceit will fall. The mainstream media has become their pawns on the chessboard; lost in the game. The politicians who have lost their way are playing a dark – and dismal game; your outcome will be your demise. Your bigotry, hate, greed, and hypocrisy comes from your delusionary self-glory. It is your evil that will come upon you!

We the people have the power within us, to choose what is best for us! Without we the people there is no you (politicians and mainstream media); remember this. For now, the mainstream media – and politicians need to get it right or “shut the puck up!”

Jesus Christ spoke; “For nothing is secret that shall not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light.” (Luke 8:17)

Francine C. Still Hicks

©2019 All Rights Reserved

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