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Updated: Feb 16, 2021

“You become a part of The Hunger Game when you think this is all there is; you have sold your soul and you have given up on life. You gave up on hope and faith for a temporary fix behind the veil of an illusionary delusion.” – FCSH

There are millions of talented, gifted people in the world; particularly in our younger generation. For many decades many people in authority have abused our youth, causing them to sell their souls for survival. And many in the previous generations gave up never waking up. These people with evil intent have projected this dark and evil game for their pleasure and psychotic habits; their distorted reality.

The Hunger Game devours the hope and dreams of those souls they have chosen to participate in; quenching their thirst of the young, weak and vulnerable. The dark and evil ones have delighted themselves with the previous generations who slept in ignorance and complacency. And there were those of the previous generation who stayed awake to the game. Those special called ones never gave up; passing the Light of God onto the next generation.

These evil souls surrounded the souls in this reality like piranha attacking the bait. There is much to be said about the intent of The Hunger Game. If you can divide, you can conquer. And for the souls who have lost themselves in The Hunger Game, wake up before your time has come.

As the saying goes; “misery loves company.” There is an answer to how you can avoid being devoured by the piranhas of darkness. Save yourself, so you can help to save your loved ones by the Power of God’s Love!

How can we save ourselves from the evil debaucheries in life? How can we dissipate the evil of this divisive and chaotic world? How can you trust their words of lies, “We’ll make it better?” The lies of the evil ones is their language; they are born from a lie. How can we save future generations from The Hunger Game?

It’s time to end The Hunger Game. This game has been trying to rob our source of strength, faith and trust in God. A game that feeds off the fear in our hearts.

Jesus Christ said, “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar and unto God the things that are God’s.” (Matthew 22:21) The love, freedom and all that is good belong to God; not to the evil one!

There is much to be said about The Hunger Game. The game will end when the people stand in the light of truth. The game having nothing to feed on will eventually devour itself.

“God is in control of all life; but each person is responsible for their thoughts, deeds and words. We fell asleep at the wheel.” – FCSH

Cover Design & Message by Francine C. Still Hicks ©2021

Images by DuckDuckGo & Google

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