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The Greatest Existential Threat – The Human Mind Frazzling Out Of Fear

As a people, as the human race, we all must take time to heal inside and outside. Individually we must look inside our self with an open mind - and see where healing needs to take place. For healing to take place in the world, each individual must begin to look at themselves; this is where healing begins. As Christ said; "You blind guides; you strain out a gnat and swallow a camel." (Matthew 24:23)

We cannot go any further in our journey towards love and peace; unless we begin within our self. We cannot hide in ignorance and arrogance any longer; in doing so, we will bring our demise in the demonic mindset of hate, anger, division, greed, hypocrisy, disrespect – and violence. We must know there is something greater than this dimension we live in that is watching.

This post is going out to souls who have not given up on unification in Truth and Love. This post is going out to souls who have forgotten - and disrespected their true birthright of the human race.

Let the family of the human race take time to heal from all types of bigotry - and anger. Let the human race heal from the evils of embitterment; which has infected the Mind of this world. Let our Mind heal from greed, hypocrisy, division – and self-glory. Let this mantra – and prayer move the human race into a synchronize healing. – FCSH

The healing begins with, "You!"

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