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“The Essence of a Relationship & Life”

When we are in a relationship, whether between a husband and wife, mother and child, father and child, sister and brother, job, community, etcetera – we must find the essence of those relationships. We must ask ourselves, “How have I enriched my mind, body, soul and spirit in this relationship? Was my original attraction superficial or the essence of the heart? Have my presence with another person enriched their lives or hampered their spiritual growth and awareness? These questions and more we must ask.

By reflecting quietly, we will see the true essence of a healthy relationship and life itself.

We are drawn in this day and time to seek the essence in our lives. We must search for the basics in life and simplicity.

When we revisit the child within us in this life, we are going into the remembrance of our child-mind untainted, the purity and essence in spirit. The innocence we had as a child before being transformed into what the world or family wanted from us. The reawakening of the child essence within us will remind us of God’s Divine Love and our purpose.

Revisiting the child within ourselves is the beginning of seeking out the essence, the simplicity and trueness in all of our relationships.

When we seek out the essence of any relationship in life, we will find the seed of who we are and our purposeful mission on earth. We will find the spark of God’s divine life force deep inside our DNA to be activated. Recognizing the true essence of our relationships, we can begin to build a relationship on honesty and raw truth!


Our lives are built on many relationships, personal and outside our personal space. When we find the essence in ourselves, we will see the essence of our relationships. We will build upon the reality and truth of each connection we make with other people. When we do find, we must discern whether the find correlates and blends with the ingredients of our desired life. When we discover the root and essence of our beginnings, we will find God’s Divine Radiated Light, the Life Force! We will face any challenge that comes our way because we have the essence of all ingredients that creates our life within us!

The common ingredient and denominator will always be you!

Francine C. Still Hicks ©2022

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