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“Riding The Wave”

Sometimes in life, we find ourselves experiencing difficult situations; trying to pay the bills, family discord, house repairs, car repairs, college debt, and etcetera. I have experienced difficult situations. Through prayer and meditation, I received the message; “Ride the wave and continue working towards the best – your dreams.”

The oceans of the planet earth are in constant movement forming waves, so it is with our lives. When we see the wave present itself in our lives, we must learn how to ride the wave. We are engulfed by the situation when we fight against it. Now, we are experiencing a tsunami in our lives. I speak in truth because I have fought against the wave.

The pain exacerbates when we don’t flow with what has presented itself into our lives; we begin to fight against the current.


"It’s like a surfer trying to surf a wave going in the opposite direction; he or she wouldn’t. The surfer studies the wave as they ride it; focusing on the direction of the wave until they have ridden the wave to their victory!”

When we panic in the wave, we become desperate; making erratic decisions becoming manic or depressed. Or, you might want to run from it and not learn the lesson in it. You can’t stop the experience, but you can control your movements in the wave. A great surfer finds the balance.

No, I’m not saying it’s easy. In time with patience – and practice, you will learn to master your responses. Each time these waves arise in your life, it will be a little easier for you to handle the situation – and you will expand and magnify the good times you have in life.

The waves will come – and you will position yourself to focus on the reward after the ride; it’s all good!

(A still from short film, The Big Wave Project - Tim Bonython)


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