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“Retrieve Your Space”

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

I wanted to present the “Retrieve Your Space” blog and video together. I waited for video to be completed and held back the blog. I prayed and meditated for three days and waited for an answer. After the third day of praying and meditation, I received the answer to post the blog and follow up with the video. It made sense to use the blog as a description and introduction for the video.

I’ve been working on this project for some time. I know what I post out must be approved by the will of God. I can only create what I have experienced in life; all else would be assumptions or guessing – I can only share what I know to be true. I recognized I had left precious gems along the pathway in my life and had to retrieve the golden solutions to help me now in life. When God gives you a gift, it’s eternal. – FCSH


“There’s a part of ourselves we hide in fear. There’s a side of ourselves that wishes to retrieve our freedom fearlessly.” – FCSH

There comes a time in life where you must retrieve your space. Sometimes in life, you have to get away from everything for quiet reflection. And in your reflective moments, you will find the gold. The gold I speak of are the answers and miracles that came to you through prayer and meditation. The clarity received helped you in difficult times in the past. The gold I speak of is the miracle (big or small) that came to help you through a rough period in your life. Whether through another human being or a thought in mind.

Sometimes we become distracted in life by the hustle and bustle of the world. We get caught up in the chaos; our mind becomes frazzled.

Responsibility to our family, job, paying the bills and friends becomes our forethought; our personal space begins to dwindle away. You are exhausted and have no time for you to regenerate in quietness.

Our space is our mind, body, soul and spirit in synchronization. We emanate what is inside to outside. We pray in request and thanksgiving to God. We meditate in relaxation to receive the message and renewal of strength. Our space becomes our space again by receiving the frequency and energy of silence – calming the mind, body, soul and spirit. In this state of being, you will retrieve the gold you have misplaced or dropped along the way in life. When you synchronize within, your aura and your light will shine. Your spirit will expand with God’s Universal Expansion – and you walk in the space God has gifted you.

Retrieve an experience in your mind that wasn’t good. Now, remember what helped you through that experience. That help you received at that time can help you in other difficult experiences that might come. When Love comes and gives a helping hand, it never takes the golden gift from you.

Always remember, it’s all good! Your gold is never lost, just misplaced. Take the time to retrieve your space – and you will find the treasure that lies within you.

“Retrieve what was rightfully gifted to you. The gift of Love, Peace and a Harmonious Life!”


“Video Coming Soon!”

© 2021 All Rights Reserved

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