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Learn The Language

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

“Everyone – and everything that is living has a language. We learn another language when we are willing to perceive intuitively with great observation and listening.” – FCSH

We are human beings – and we have a universal language of the body; we hunger for food, we thirst for water and the body needs rest to replenish and heal itself.

We are human beings – and we have a universal language of the soul; the need to be understood, the need to be heard, the need of our emotions to heal from traumatic experiences and rejoice in our memories of joyful experiences. The language of the soul seeks to be recognized for our accomplishments in life; to be appreciated. The language of the soul seeks to share the love we have received from our loved ones; the love and compassion we have received from God the Father.

We are human beings – and we have the universal language of the mind; vision and expression.

Using our creative and communicative skills, we can bring clarity to all others who wish to understand the language you are relaying; the language we speak from within – outwardly.

The language I’m speaking of is not the spoken dialect from a country or race; the language I speak of is the energy emanating from people.

The world we know today wants the connection but is not willing to learn the language to whom they wish to connect with – this pertains to all human beings and walks of life.

There is much to speak about, “Learning the Language” of humankind and all life. The day will come when we will tune-in and listen to the language of all life. Respect, love, compassion, peace, justice, balance – and harmony will become the language of all humanity!

Understand the language of the time we are living in now. Listen with clear clarity – and you will hear in all clarity; “This is the time of harvesting, revealing revelations, expansion of mind – soul and spirit."

No matter how great or small you are classified in this world; you must come to understand the Universal Language of Love; for true Love conquers all – not with weakness, but with strength! Life is a beautiful gift given to humankind; “Learn The Language!”

“Thoughts – Deeds – Words”

Francine C. Still Hicks

©2020 All Rights Reserved

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