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"Inside... Outside" poem by FCSH

"We all carry this Love - inside and outside! Through this time of uncertainty, this love will see us through.” – FCSH  

I was inspired to share a gift given to me and to put it into a creative format. It’s a gift given to us all – if we choose to open that gift or not is of our free will.


In my prayer and meditative hours, I go to my intimate love – a love that is always with me during the day and night. This gift of love faithfully and patiently waits for me to receive and accept the intimacy of oneness.


As I go about my daily business, my love is there. As I go into the quiet hours of the night, my love is waiting there for me. When I experience an uncomfortable situation – my love supports me and renews my strength to move forward. In my silent hours, in the wee morning, my love whispers quiet guidance, assuring me and embracing my mind, body, soul, and spirit – all is well! I am engulfed in His Power of Love, inside and outside. 


I pondered some time over the music I would use for my new video. After a couple of days had passed, I still had no clue. I prayed, meditated, and waited for guidance. I finally received an answer; “Use the music to the closing out of the last video – you only gave the prelude. Play the full song and connect the dots.”


Once again, I am blessed and honored to have the music of B Silent, “MesMorEyes.” The last video I produced, “Opposite Poles,” I closed the video with “MesMorEyes.”


Some days went by as I worked on the project. I received a phone call from my sister Francina saying, “You have to hear this voice – it’s beautiful!” I told Francina to send me the song. When I heard what I heard, I knew I had to work this voice into my video! This beautiful woman, soulfully singing “Fill My Cup Lord,” reached into the depths of my soul – synchronizing with the project! You can hear her life experiences in each note that vibrates through her. God’s gift to Little Flower is in full blossom!

I want to send my humble thank you to “B Silent” and “Little Flower.” Thank you for allowing me to share your gifts and talents! And most of all, I thank God for having you in my life! Also, I cannot forget to thank my twin sister Francina for sharing a beautiful gift of song!

"Inside... Outside" 

Take my soul, it belongs to you.

Breathe your breath into me, bringing me life.

Take my mind so I may see you.

Take the garment I wear, so I may become one with you.

The path to my wholeness, my life’s story… I find in you.

You are the twinkle of light in my eye, the light of your being I see.

Inside – Outside


My soul is weary, in the quiet of night I go into your love,

your love that never leaves me.

Inside – Outside


I reach out to you, and you touch my soul.

You are my oasis…you are the milk and honey… you are the bread of my life.

Inside – Outside  


My wholeness inside your heart…

You fill my cup with your love…

My cup is full…

Inside and Outside


Francine C. Still Hicks

©2024 All Rights Reserved

Music “MesMorEyes" by Brandon "B SILENT" Hicks


HOME | B SILENT MUSIC | United States

©2024 All Rights Reserved

Singing “Fill My Cup Lord” by Little Flower


“Inside… Outside" 

Poem | Video Produced | Edited | Arrangements | Narration | Animations | Effects by FRANCINE C. STILL HICKS


Books: The Me I Never Was | A Girl Named Charity

TMINW Productions ©2024 All Rights Reserved


Video Clips Contribution by


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