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Follow-Up Blog: “Don’t Wake The Mother – It’s Spiritual!”

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

“Don’t Wake The Mother” is a poem (modified) taken from my book The Me I Never Was. Multi-tasking, my body and mind needed to rest. One night I was trying to sleep, but the tenants beneath me began to get loud. I felt everything inside of me about to explode, so I got up from the bed – and began writing, “Don’t Wake The Mother.”

As I wrote, I began to think about Mother Earth/Mother Nature – and all the things humankind was doing to the earth around the world. I began to understand her agitation. There will come a time when the Mother Earth will respond to the abuse humankind has bestowed upon her. Some of the changes on earth is a natural evolution, but some catastrophic changes are human-made. You put excessive stress on the human mind or body it will crash. If we continue to abuse Mother Earth, she will respond accordingly.

The Mother’s vibration is felt throughout the universes – and here upon earth; she has awakened fully. She is the Father’s nurturing wisdom; emanating her energy inside our souls – and throughout the universe. She has fully awakened to the discord – and chaos of humankind on earth. She is reawakening the wisdom within us by the use of our choices made with free will. She is the Universal Soul of the Father – God – Infinity; we cannot ignore her for she is wisdom. The Mother’s will is the Father’s will; they are one vibrating from the unified, infinite radiating light. There is no they, but one.

In our dimension – and frequency of life the split must take place for humankind to understand the soulful – and spiritual language in the movement of all life.

The Mother has awakened in every lifestream; from the sky above – and beyond – into depths of the waters below. Humankind has forgotten the messages brought by the forerunners, prophets, teachers – and the Son of God, Jesus Christ. The message they brought was Love.

We must become conscious in mind – and soul not to continue the abuse of our free will. The choices we make in our lives must be the wisdom of the Mother.

“Wisdom is the Voice of the Mother!” – FCSH

©2019 All Rights Reserved


“We all need proper rest. When we don’t get the rest we need, our mind and body will respond to the lack of rest. As with Mother Earth, she too needs time to rest and rejuvenate. If not given, she will respond in a way that will not be pleasing to humankind. “– FCSH

YouTube Video by FCSH – TMINW Productions ©2019 All Rights Reserved

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