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“Consummate Me II (Momentous)”

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Some videos I have produced are passionate in words, voice, tone, and visuals. Through the creative process, everything falls into place as it should.

The words, music, visuals, and voice express a personal relationship of intimate love within. A love that has always been with me in life and never left me alone. A love that never judged me and accepted me unconditionally through the ages. A love I came out of – a love that gifted me free will. A love that gave a promise and kept that promise! The love I speak of is a love that has been with every human soul on this earth. A Power of Love we can experience in this life.

Some of my poems are beyond human, physical intimacy. The poetic metaphors and visuals are related to spiritual intimacy – a treasure to be protected. And there are times we must share this truth, beauty, and intimacy through our creativity.

With the vibes of gifted musicians coming together with my creativity, I can express this intimate love of the heart. For me and everyone on earth, it’s personal!

We will take the journey into a spiritual intimacy: “Consummate Me II | (Momentous).”

In our quiet hours, we will go into prayer and meditation. Take a deep breath – inhale and exhale slowly.

In prayer, we will give thanks and praise to God, the Father of all living life. And we may send out a prayer request.

In our meditative state of mind, we will receive answers and instructions from the Holy Spirit – the Wisdom of God.

As we relax our mind, body, soul, and spirit – we will enter into a peaceful state of mind. You will become conscious and aware of the door before you. You will reach forward to open the door – a door that will lead you into the bridal chamber.

When you enter into the bridal chamber of the heart, you will enter into a space of love. In that Space of Love, you will be consummated by the light – into the Mind of Christ.



CONSUMMATE ME: Poem / Narration / 3D Imaging & Production by Francine C. Still Hicks

Music by Parijat “Anando” (bliss) ©2017

Website: |

Video Contributions by

Sound Effects by

TMINW Productions ©2022

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