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Chaos – Take A Deeper Look!

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

(Truth Doesn’t Need To Be Politically Correct)

None of us is perfect. When you judge the speck of imperfection in another person, you magnify the imperfections within you. The magnification becomes so enlarged you cannot recognize the hate and evil that lies inside of you!

Stop making excuses and distractions from yourself! Anyone that judges another person without knowing the facts is passing judgement upon themselves. When thoughts, deeds and words become hateful and bitter, you become blind to your imperfections. And when you become blind to your imperfections; you become a pawn on the chessboard, allowing yourself to become the ploy of darkening minds with evil intent. You have allowed hate and ignorance to rape your Mind.

The world has become engaged with “the gang mentality.” Too weak to stand on their own, these parasitic mind eaters feed on the complacency of the naïve masses fear.

The media and politicians are like the neighborhood gossiper that doesn’t get the story right and spreads chaos throughout the neighborhood. These people are only looking for attention; “Look at me, look at me! I can outdo you; I’m an idiot with no reality check!” They’re like an actor reading a script not well written.

Wake up – and listen to yourselves, you aren’t any better than the ones you accuse of being a bigot. The only bigot of bigotry is, you! You try to wipe the mud off some else’s face after you have taken a dip in the mud puddle.

We can't allow anyone to tell us how to think, gather the facts for yourself and use common sense; this is your Divine Right!

"Chaos creates more chaos, not unification!"


©2019 All Rights Reserved

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