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Updated: May 15, 2022

[Definition Miracle: A surprising and welcome event that is not explainable by natural or scientific

laws. Therefore, is considered to be the work of a divine agency. –]

We pray for a miracle when we need something. We may be having financial problems, or we can be having health problems – whatever it may be. We pray for a miracle to help us out of the situation. Our prayers are answered – a miracle has come into our life! We rejoice and move into our next experience.

Most people do not stop and take the time to recognize how they took part in the miracle presenting itself in their lives. They believe it just popped up without any participation from themselves. It takes your hope and faith put into action. You become the key to unlocking the miracle.

If your body is not feeling well, do you give up on your body? If your mind seems frazzled, do you stop visualizing peace of mind? Your soul feels the emotional pain from yesteryears; do you stop praying or wishing for healing? The miracle will come because you never gave up on yourself, the situation, or someone you love.

The miracle that you have waited for has always been with you! All things were put into place by God’s Divine Love waiting for you to activate. There are times when there is divine intervention to speed up the process. But it still depends on the energy you are putting out into your surroundings. Your intuition and free will have great power in the manifestation of your miracle.

We can no longer sit by idly and pray for a miracle; we must be a participant in the manifestation process. Our questions should be: “What are the lessons I learned while waiting for a miraculous help? What were my strengths and weaknesses? How can I appreciate and not take for granted the everyday miracles in my life?”

Ask these questions, and you will go into the knowledge of yourself. And you will see, you were your first miracle – life!”

“When you humble yourself within – the miracle will come!” – FCSH

Francine C. Still Hicks

Cover Designed by FCSH


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