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“2022 Transition Point”

Updated: May 14, 2022

In 2022, we will recognize the small and simple things in life that bring us joy and freedom. We will find the self-respect and love we lost for ourselves. We will find the love for family and humanity without enabling their weaknesses. Your love of severity will strengthen them by helping to bring their gifts to fruition. In 2022, we will stand for peace and justice. We will be willing to fight for the things we’ve worked so hard for and not allow anyone to take them away. The year 2022 will be the year of transition; to take action. We must open our inner eye and see what is before us – and not allow the pre-conditioned mind to deceive us.

Our response in our transition will decide whether we move forward in a positive and uplifting movement, or we stay stagnant and deteriorate from lack of wisdom in discernment. Our transition point is where we make it or break it. At the transition point of 2022, we will learn how to act swiftly using wisdom. We will learn to be patient with ourselves in decision making. We will open the channel of our hearts to recognize and listen to our intuitive voice within. The intuitive voice whispering to you – “Move forward without fear, you can do this. Your reward is waiting.”

In 2022 you will feel the urgency and frequency of life to move into action – mind, body, soul and spirit. During this transition, will we quiver in fear or stand in the power of freedom? Will we allow fear to stifle and stunt our mind, body and soul? Will we allow fear to control our spirit – not allowing us to expand and grow into all we were born to be?

At this point of transition in 2022, you become the master architect. You become the master-builder of your destiny by the choices you make. The choices you make will emanate out into your surroundings – affecting everyone within your proximity. With the right choices we make in 2022, we will become the master architect!

At the transition point of 2022, we must question the intention of our heart within. Intense experiences will come – and we will have no other choice but to focus on our actions. And every time we focus inward on our intentions in our heart – another door will open to moving forward fearlessly. You will see and experience the Power of God protecting and guiding you into victory in 2022!

“Live a simpler life, raise your consciousness, don’t lose hope, act on your faith and keep God in your life; you will be victorious during the 2022 Transition.” – FCSH

Francine C. Still Hicks


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